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Try To Fall Asleep Review

Try To Fall Asleep is an app created by AmberDrop. Try To Fall Asleep was first published on . The app is available for Steam.

John Herrin survived a horrible accident and as a result, he damaged his brain and lost his memory. Only Dr. Rick Norberg and the friendly robot "AB" can help John to recover from his brain damage and restore his broken memory. By falling asleep and rediscovering the past in his dreams, John can restore his memory and remember what caused the unfortunate catastrophe in one of the most secretive laboratories of the "Revivel" company. But due to John's brain damage, falling asleep won't be as easy as it seems at first... John will start to hallucinate and hear sounds that will only make it harder to fall asleep. Only by dealing with his fears and staying calm can he successfully fall asleep, otherwise, his overwhelmingly high stress may lead to an untimely death ...

“Try to Fall Asleep” is an indie horror game. The main goal of the game is to fall asleep before the time runs out. The brain damage from the accident won’t help, since it’ll make you hallucinate terrible things. Once you fall asleep, you'll start to dream and relive the horror that lead up to the horrific catastrophe. At its core it has an interesting story with a very deep and intriguing lore.With the help of an info panel at the bottom left corner, you'll be able to monitor your stress and sleep levels. Any hallucination or anomaly will raise the stress level and if it fills up, the game will be over. Calm your stress by turning on the old fashioned lamp. However, it may burn out if you use it too much.The more you keep your eyes closed, the more sleep you'll get and the higher the sleep level will be. Once it's full, you'll fall asleep and start to dream...

Here's what some people say:

Markiplier - "Pretty darn good, I liked it a lot!"
Jacksepticeye - "Oh, Jesus Jesus... That wasn't Jesus!"
PewDiePie - "AAAAAAAAAHHH! I'm fine..."
Matpat - "This game is really intense, it has got a lot going for it."

Try To Fall Asleep

4.5 / 5

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Author: AmberDrop
Size: 2 GB available space

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